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07/2016: Murri presents at SIMB.

06/2016: Our work on xylose metabolism in Y. lipolytica is accepted for publication in Biotechnology for Biofuels!

06/2016: BioRad S3e Cell Sorter, purchased through a DOD DURIP is delivered to the Clemson Light Imaging Facility!

05/2016: Dr. Blenner receives CES Dean's Professorship Award.

04/2016: Congrats to Erika and Spencer for winning 2016 ACCIAC Fellowships!

04/2016: Congrats to Erika for her 2016 NASA Undergrad Research Fellowship!

04/2016: A 3rd year of funding from ACREC was awarded to continue work on rendered materials for bioprocesses.

04/2016: Dr. Blenner speaks on Plenary Panel - "Outer Space: The Next Biotech Frontier" at BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology.

03/2016: DTRA project on enzyme immobilization in collaboration with the Sarupria group is funded.

03/2016: Our work is featured on the cover of ACS Synthetic Biology this month!

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As a group that uses protein engineering and synthetic biology, we take a molecular-scale approach to improving bioprocessing. We apply chemical engineering fundamentals along with tools from protein engineering, synthetic biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry to address major problems in energy, sustainability, and human heath.

We study how microorganisms sense their environment, how that information is processed, and how it ultimately leads to a change in phenotype. From an engineering standpoint, we are interested in using this information to improve biological synthesis of fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass. Another major interest of our group is developing cell-based biosensors for metabolic engineering, environmental detection, biodiagnostic, and biocatalysis applications.